We help solving customers' critical business issues using the latest technology and a fresh look through the prism of experience of successful implementations.


SharePoint custom development. Development and implementation of business applications based on modern scalable web platforms.


Our main business is the development and implementation of application solutions based on information platforms and technologies Microsoft.

We are implementing atypical tasks and processes by applying practices and achievements of typical units and proven experience and time approaches.

At the heart of many of our solutions is the platform of Microsoft SharePoint and related technologies to solve tasks as a small private customers and build a comprehensive, integrated, scalable solutions.

At the foundation of our practice on professional experience of employees to develop and implement various automation systems and electronic document management. Our staff have been working with both domestic representatives EDS / BPMS, and Western ECM / Portal solutions, both open and proprietary. This outlook provides insight and the ability to choose the best, both technological and functional perspectives.

The main subject areas, we can and love to do, are: automation of electronic document management (among which are the organizational and administrative, contractual document, the control system performance discipline), customer relationship management (CRM), business integration of different data sources and corporate systems, building systems, data analysis and reporting (BI).

Сompetitive advantages

Our main competitive advantage is the approach of "small professional teams," allowing to be as flexible, fast and easy to share experiences and knowledge in the implementation of projects. Minimum of bureaucracy, the maximum dip in project tasks as a team, interchangeability and speed in decision-making and implementation of the tasks of our customers.

In second place among the benefits worth the mandatory requirement for managers (design, sales, Customer) in the domain knowledge and technology stack. This allows you to exclude misunderstandings in the initial formulation of requirements, evaluation and implementation of the project.

Formed in 2012, we have already achieved a lot and go according to a plan worked out development.